Streetwear Clothing Trends That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Streetwear was originally a term defined as ‘an unflattering style of dress consisting of graphic T-shirts, baggy cuts and sneakers. Today, Streetwear clothing is seen as a luxury aesthetic and refers to a certain style of street fashion that was born in California. Since then it has grown to embody elements of hip hop fashion, modern haute couture fashion, japanese street fashion etc. Streetwear clothing is typically considered to center around casual, comfortable pieces. This refers to clothing articles like jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers.

Where Was Streetwear Clothing Born

The birth of streetwear started with the  Los Angeles surf culture. However, Nael Coce says, “it is thought to have started as early as the late 1970s. This was an exciting time, when early hip hop and punk rock were emerging. As a result, streetwear brands of the late 70s and 80s borrowed a lot from the ‘do it yourself’ aesthetic of punk, new wave and heavy-metal cultures.”


Best Streetwear Brands

Some of the best streetwear brands include Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Blackwear, Stussy, Huf, Obey, and Diamond Supply Co.  Supreme is the best known streetwear brand and it lives up to its name. This company has done collaborations with almost everyone. Comparable to Supreme is A Bathing Ape who has managed to transcend from one of a Japanese streetwear brands to industry leader in the 2000’s. A Bathing ape even acquired the some of the best known rappers (Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, and Kanye West) wearing their brand. Beware streetwear fashion lovers! Because one of the downside to becoming so popular is that it is also brings the opportunity to be the most counterfeited streetwear brand.

Streetwear Clothing Stores You Need To Know

One of the popular streetwear clothing stores is Blackwear.  It has only been around for about two years but has quickly become an underground icon. This brand has been on a steady rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Blackwear actually has a pretty cool concept that hasn’t been seen before. It has combined the best of black outfits under one fashion brand. In streetwear fashion, the color black has always been a center point and a platform for spreading ideas. Black color attracts attention to the outfit as well as the person wearing it. Blackwear manages to keep a classy casual look on most of its products while integrating a street feel perfectly. You can also create eye-catching unique looks without being over the top. Blackwear is collaborating with both young and established streetwear brands designers and is constantly updating their shop with new outstanding items.

Another streetwear clothing brand is Stussy. Stussy has been a leader in the streetwear brands community for over two decades giving them the upper hand with years of experience on other brands. Stussy has collaborated with Nike on several shoes. It is popularly known for creating limited edition pieces and not over producing. This brand is at the top of the game and keeps the bar high for new labels.

HUF, is another one iconic streetwear brand that everybody just knows so well. Notorious for their plantlife socks, they are a worldwide brand deeply rooted in skateboard culture. HUF has been building its brand since the early 90’s and has earned its legendary status in the streetwear fashion. HUF X Diamond Supply Co have done some of the best collaborations to date. Diamond Supply Company, is a classic brand that is essentially half skater and half hip hop culture.

Lastly, Obey was created by artist Shepard Fairey in 2001 and has become one of the popular streetwear clothing brands. Obey often incorporates activism into its clothing and designs, mainly in regards to political and societal propaganda.


Streetwear Fashion Trends You Want To Adopt This Year

Trends in streetwear clothing go from logos galore, to mixing thrifty styles with premium pieces, and oversized everything. When it comes to logos, being pretentious with your style is encouraged. Wearing logos on the front of your t-shirtsweatshirt, or the back of your jacket or jeans is considered a big part of streetwear fashion. Logos today are seen as so much more than walking advertisements, they display who a person is, and what style they identify themselves with. People take advantage of this trend by using it as an excuse to wear clothes they find meaningful to them.

Streetwear clothing is a mash-up of confrontational punk, hip-hop and surf and skateboarder fashions. This compare and contrast between the D.I.Y. style and high-end production of limited edition pieces is exactly what makes streetwear so unique. The trend of combining the new and shiny with old and worn involves mixing ripped jeans and tees with more premium looking items like leather jackets or nice sneakers.

Think Oversize When Going for Streetwear Clothing

There is also the trend of oversized clothing. Streetwear clothing is often made up of items that are baggy, loose and lack structure, but drape well to create new silhouettes. This means you’ll be mixing comfort with style, so take advantage of this fact. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering up the multiple pieces. Oversized sweatshirts, graphic tee shirts and jeans won’t look out of place when combined in multiple layers. Wear loose shirts with the buttons undone to keep everything nice and relaxed. Try adding an 80s inspired tee for an extra pop of color. Think 80s and 90s hip hop style with a modern touch. Now that you’ve got a pretty solid concept you are ready to start building your streetwear look.


So many people chose streetwear clothing stores and streetwear clothing websites as their go-to place every day because the dress code has become so much more relaxed. The way people dress to work is undergoing changes due to the popping of start ups and freelance jobs. But it’s not only about the small companies. Big corporations are rethinking their dress habits too! The amount of customers looking for tailoring is rapidly decreasing while more and more people chose to go with a casual or streetwear style jeans with a jacket to work.

Streetwear fashion is growing up along with its starters and followers. And graphic t-shirts are still a great way to make a statement. Those who have been wearing streetwear clothing in 90s are bringing the trend back which you can find in all black clothing stores. Only this time it goes beyond the school backyards and basketball courts and is heading towards the offices and fashion shows.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your style, or just refine your jeans-and-a-sweatshirt wardrobe, here are some chic outfits for you to get inspiration from.

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