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All Black Everything Tee

The all-black everything song lyrics are all about being different in this crazy world because people are so judgmental all the time. The all-black everything song is very popular among young people too! It became a huge hit in no time, all around the globe. Basically, this great rap song tells us that you should not care what other people say to you – being yourself is always better than being somebody who’s trying to be just like everyone else in order to fit in. All black everything was released by jay z back in 2003 and it became number one on the billboard 100 for 4 weeks (which made it his seventh number-one single). Also, all black everything t shirt beat Michael Jackson’s ‘be nobody’ and all I wanna do by Sheryl crow. Jay Z all black everything lyrics: all my chain, all my rings all my watch, all black everything all my hoe’s all black everything. So, as you can see it is a very nice rap song that talks about the beauty of individuality and how much better it is to stay true to yourself instead of trying to impress your peers with your clothes or other things. The all-black-everything song was performed for the first time during Jay Z’s live tour in 2003 and became hugely popular after its official release on his album The Black Album (it was originally recorded for Reasonable Doubt but didn’t make it there). If you like this great rap beat please share all black everything all my hoe’s all my rings all black everything all my watch all black If you like this rap song, please share it with all your friends. Thank you for sharing all black everything all my hoe’s all my rings all black everything all my watch all black.


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