A black skirt is a women’s best friend next to that little black dress. It can be in combination with any blouse or shirt for any number of different effects! Skirts, especially black skirts, are probably the oldest forms of clothing for women to adorn themselves in. Even as far back as pre-civilization times for humans, women wore animal skins as skirts long before pants of any kind! It is a style deeply engrained in the culture and history of womankind! Black was also one of the first colors chosen to dye clothing, because it was one of the easiest, made from water, tannins, and iron. It has been a key part of women’s fashion for many centuries.

In the more modern times, black skirts are the perfect gap filler between casual and dressy styles. Combine that with a blouse for a more formal look, or with a simple t-shirt for a casual feel. They come in so many different cuts and styles that there are really limitless options for your wardrobe. Ruffles, slim pencil cut, lace, buttons, zippers, long, short, and so much more!

So many different uses for all black skirts!

When you don’t feel quite like sporting that little black dress to a cocktail party, you can always pull on that black skirt and top with a blouse for the same classy effect! Or feeling like a business casual day at the office? Black skirt with a simple top will do! The options are really unlimited. You have more options that you know when you take a look at the simple black skirts we offer on Blackwear.co! With so much to offer, your wardrobe will thank you for so many products with dual use, both casual and formal.

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Black Ruffle Midi Skirt

$39.00 Free Shipping
Black Midi Skirt with Side Stripe

Black Midi Skirt with Side Stripe

$35.00 Free Shipping
velvet pleated midi skirt

Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt

$35.00 Free Shipping
long black tulle skirt

Long Black Tulle Skirt

$42.00 $26.00 Free Shipping

Long Black Maxi Skirt

$55.00 $38.00 Free Shipping