We have all heard of that scandalous “little black dress.” It is the secretly hidden tool that women use to put all passersby in a state of awe. Black dresses are a common part of a woman’s closet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be worn. But who says that they are only suitable for that cocktail party or night on the town? Why not make every day a part, and dress to impress in any situation, casual, elegant, or even business casual? Audrey Hepburn said it best when she declared, “Life is a party. Dress for it.”

Why are black dresses the best of all?

Black Dresses are a level of fashion all their own. Dresses are a favorite among most women and are commonly a score of colors and styles. For those who are less likely to turn to bright colors, black is the go-to shade. It’s a power color. There is a psychology behind every color and black is no different.

Black dresses demand elegance and attention, but also portray comfort and ease. It is a welcoming color that is truly becoming to every figure. Long, short, elaborate, or minimal, black dresses are a basic standard in most women’s closets. Every department store and online offer the “little black dress.” So how can you possibly choose a few out of the thousands offered to you? There are different styles, shapes, elaborations on each one.

Well, with the current rising minimalist trends in the fashion world, minimalism just seems to be the way they styles are heading. This means less elaboration for more effect. Minimalism isn’t a boring choice, it’s a strong one. Choosing minimalist black dresses demonstrates a powerful personality, that doesn’t need all the elaboration to make an appearance.

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