We are happy to share a list of minimalist wardrobe essentials with you and get you started on a minimalist lifestyle. But first, let us ask you a question.

How many things do you own? Can you name all of them? What about your favorites? The truth is we have hundreds of belongings that we do not really need and enjoy having. And yet we keep buying useless stuff in an attempt to satisfy the momentary hunger. It’s pretty hard for most of us to understand what we really want and this uncertainty makes us an easy victim of advertising. Someone on internet takes decisions on our behalf. Next thing you know you try to work more and harder to be able to keep up with the trends.

Minimalism has first started as a design and art movement in the early 60-s. And over the next decades it turned into a lifestyle philosophy.

minimalist wardrobe

The key idea behind the minimalist wardrobe is no different than a minimalism lifestyle. It’s all about reassessment of your priorities. Get rid of belongings and possessions that  do not bring happiness and value to your life. And clean out the space for the things that really do.

More and more people are choosing to wear smart minimalistic clothes. The main reason is they are tired of the consumerism trends today’s society follows.

If you want to bring more peace and clarity to your life but feel that you are not ready to radically change your lifestyle, you should start small. For example turning your closet into a minimalist wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your stuff. It basically means that you need to get rid of the noise, things not worn for a few seasons, spontaneous purchases, two year old experiments etc. And leave the essentials.

There are many rules you can stick to when putting together a minimalist wardrobe, but my favorite is the following. Keep things that make you really happy! How easy is that?

When buying a new piece try to scan your feelings and understand how many times you are going to wear it, how good it is going to match my tops or bottoms, what occasions and seasons it is going to fit, and the most important one – how happy and gorgeous it is going to make you feel!

What’s great about minimalism is that it can be adapted to any lifestyle. Whether you are a freelancer or a corporate person you can keep things clean and organized with a minimalist wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at minimalist wardrobe essentials every girl should have in fall 2020

minimalist wardrobe

A pair of black minimalist jeans

This is an obvious one, jeans are a must-have for every wardrobe. But for a minimalist wardrobe, they are a go-to piece, because no matter where you work, what you do and what your lifestyle is, you still wear jeans at least once a week. A great choice would a pair or two of skinny black jeans that look great with any top and fit your perfectly. To keep things interesting you can always play with shades of black and proportions.

A pair or two of black minimalist leggings

Leggings are good to have for doing sports or yoga, as well relaxed walk with a dog or simply grocery shopping. They do not take much space in your wardrobe but keep you covered for many activities. Black color surely is the one to look at. It is practical and goes well with any other color.

Minimalistic Tops

You want to have from five to ten tops in your minimalist closet. They can be of different arm lengths and functions. One of the key aspects when it comes to clothes selections is quality. Give preference to high-quality, durable products and try to avoid buying single season cheap pieces. You will notice that the smart approach to selecting your minimalist clothing will save you not only money but also mental energy.

minimalist wardrobe
minimalist wardrobe

Two Simple minimalist skirts

When building a minimalist wardrobe, you need to pick items that are versatile and can be easily worn with any style. A black skirt is the definition of a versatile piece. Black mini skirt is easy to wear in the daytime with a pair of sneakers and a basic t-shirt, and a pencil skirt will suit great your office dress code as well as a weekend night out. Go with soft pastel or black and white colors for a formal look and mix with bright colors for the party.

best minimalist shop

Little black dress

There is no minimalist wardrobe without a black dress. You have a couple of options here. We would suggest keeping things simple by choosing a little black dress – the one you can wear to an event or party, a sheath dress for everyday errands and professional meetings, and a light dress for a relaxed weekend – it could be either a wrap dress or a boho dress. As always, a dress should fit your body perfectly to make you really stand out.

A cable knit sweater

A cable knit sweater should be a part of every minimalist wardrobe. It’s a timeless piece to have that is long lasting if you take care of it. The most common stylish colors are black and white. If you are thinking what to bottom to chose, go for your black skinny jeans.

A black jacket

For a minimalist wardrobe women should suggest a black leather jacket and a black bomber jacket. These two are going to be your lifesavers when it comes to a cold weather. While blvck leather jacket looks really stylish and can be worn both with a skirt and pants, a bomber jacket is lightweight and packable which makes it a perfect choice when you are planning a trip.

You can play around these minimalist clothing items and create a unique look for yourself. If you are looking for inspiration and minimalist clothing brands check out Black outfits We update our online store every week for more all black outfits.

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