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Black Hoodies by BLVCKWEAR

A lot to know about Black Hoodies.



Staying fashionable even cold seasons requires that you own a hoodie. They accentuate a lot of accessories like shoes, inner wears, and can go with any style that you may love especially when it is a black hoodie. When buying black hoodies there are a lot of interesting features to look out for. Most hoodies are multi-facet meant for both men, women, and children and range from thick to light materially to fit in every weather condition. 

What are black hoodies made of

  • Cotton

The inner material of a black hoodie can be different from the outside material and should be considered when purchasing one. The most popular material that constitutes a hoodie is cotton, they can either be used as the outside material or the inner material. Cotton is easy to wash and as well as some insulating properties. They are also soft and make the hoodie offer a cozy feeling.

  • Wool

Wool is characteristically thicker than cotton and provides more warmth and protection from the cold when compared with cotton. 

  • Polyester

Polyester materials used on hoodies are not completely 100% polyester. They are combined with cotton and this time, offer elastic properties for the black hoodie

  • Fleece 

Hoodies made with fleece material is lighter and more lightweight compared to hoodies made with other materials. 

  • Fur

Fur is one of the thickest materials that can be used to make a hoodie. However, they can be too warm when not worn during winter seasons.

All Black Hoodie Design

Another feature of a hoodie to talk about is the design, they can come in black designs with few added colors or prints. Most people prefer a plain hoodie while others want some colors here and there or a customized to fit their style.

Body type.

You may never have thought about body type when choosing a black hoodie. But these hoodies come in body types, weights and in different shapes. Average built people can settle for hoodies that don’t hang so low off the shoulders or around the waist. It usually makes them appear bigger and heavier. Depending on your style you may choose to let the hoodie be fitted or slightly bigger than you. 

The case is somewhat different for men with heavy builds. As long as it comfortable for you, then you can wear one. You could also look for those that flatter your shape depending on what the day brings for you fashion. Taller guys can always go with big and wide looking black hoodies because you don’t want one that hangs just above the waist. They should also keep an eye on the material used to make the hoodie in case of shrinkage. Shorter guys should go for hoodies that are styled to be narrower in width and just below the belt line.

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The stitching on a hoodie is part of what determines if it will last. You should check if they have seams that lie flat both front and back. 


Black hoodies can come in different weights that range from 6.5 ounces to 10 ounces. Some people may prefer heavier hoodies to keep them from the cold, while others may prefer lighter ones made from fleece and polyester to wear as an accessory for clothes. 


There are different prices for everything in the market, some hoodies can be cheap, some others can worth more. But if you love a black hoodie, there is nothing bad in paying some extra cash for the quality and beauty of the black hoodie that you desire. 

Having known some of the features to consider when buying a black hoodie, its time to know some of the best black hoodies out there. I only have one piece of advice for both genders. If you are male and going to buy any black hoodie reviewed here, just make sure none of the females in your life come across it. Of course, you know that it is no longer a trend how ladies steal hoodies from their male counterparts. Then for the ladies, if ever you want to get a breathtaking gift for your male friend who loves hoodies, make sure that it is one on this list of hoodies. Anyways, we all know that when ladies buy hoodies for their male counterparts, they don’t usually wear them that long before it been taken away from them again by the same lady. 

blvck t shirt

The Best black hoodies from all Brands

Under Armour Men Storm Fleece Icon Twist Hoodie

Made from a light fleece material and really comfortable, the under armour men storm fleece twist hoodies is cool and stylishly designed to fit in for every occasion. They are light and comfortable and can be used for sporty events. In fact, you cannot mention hoodies without mentioning the under armour brand that has been committed to providing hoodies in different styles of materials and designs. This particular black hoodie can be worn in any weather and still feel comfortable to wear. However, since they are made from fleece material, they are likely to shrink when washed, you consider more 

Nike Men’s Pullover Fleece Club Hoodie Black. 

This particular black hoodie embodies a classic look and is also made from fleece material. They don’t only come in black but also in different colors. But the black one has a classical look that will not faze out of the market. This black Nike hoodie is also recommended for sporting activities and comfortable for various activities because of the ace up closure and a rubber sole feature of the hoodie.

Burton Men’s Hayrider Sweater Fleece Hoodie Black.

Based in Burlington, Vermont. Burton is another brand that has proven reputable in their hoodie designs. This hoodie is made from quality material that offers special kind of warmth and is recommended for only cold weather. The design offers a cool comfortable feeling and will fit your form in a non-formal style. So if you are looking for a warm buddy to accompany you to snow board or for an icy walk early in the mornings, then you’ve got to consider this black hoodie. 

Vintage American Flag United States of America Military Hoodie.

“Help rebuild America” has been the most recent theme for U.S. citizens. This black foodie embodies some citizenship love for America. It is comfortable and casual and as well comes with a military theme. If you are part of the military or a fan, a veteran or you’ve got some friends who are fans of the military movement. Then you probably should get them this hoodie. The vintage American flag black hoodie is has a deep black color with the American flag design and would fit in for casual outings. 

Champion Mens Big and Tall Long Sleeve Pullover Jersey Lightweight Hoodie.

Tall guys will always complain about having few hoodies that really fit them. Either the shoulder seams are too short or the hand length is short. The Champion Mens Big and Tall Long Sleeve Pullover Jersey Lightweight Hoodie offers comfort for the tall guy and as well the tall guys with heavy body build. Here ends your search for a fitting hoodie, be the champion you want to be by purchasing a black hoodie made right just for champions of height and body build. 

Hill City Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie

Black cotton Hoodies offer a different kind of feel. They are warmer and also provide function at the same time. Depending on the style they can have a soft and smooth outer layer with a brushed inner to add to the comfort. The hill city heavyweight is different from some other hoodies made from cotton. It has more weight and will shield you from the harsh cold. It also comes with a secret pocket where you can hide keys and money. 

Save Khaki Fleece-Back Supima Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Made with one of the world softest cottons, save khaki black hoodie offers a cozy feeling and is durability ensured with flatlock stitches and a long comfy sleeve to add up for the comfort. The spectacular smooth and soft texture accentuates the black color to look deeper and refreshing. Ah! You also get some kangaroo pockets that are smoothened out in the inside to make the feeling of dipping your hands in your pocket worth it. 

 Quikflip 2-in-1 Backpack Hoodie

There are few hoodies with this feature. The quickflip feature of the hoodie allows you to roll it up into a backpack. Apart from that, it comes with a simple design that can let you wear it with anything.  This hoodie is for you if you love plain simple designs. It also gives comfort and will last a lifetime with the durable materials from which it is made. If you are going on a walk or some stroll and not sure what the weather has to offer, then you can take this black beauty along – in its bag pack. 

 SITKA Gear Traverse Cold Weather Hoodie

This is the hoodie for the Hikers, mountain climbers, parkour or other lovers of fascinating adventure. SITKA comes with a stylish design and offers a comfortable feel. It is designed to stand the extremes of cold weather and harshest of elements. If you have got a friend too who loves outdoor adventures, do well to get them this black beast of a hoodie. 

Layer 8 Men’s Hoodie Performance Light Weight Training Tech Fleece Athletic Sweatshirt

There are also hoodies for the gym lovers. This particular hoodie is baggy with an athletic half black, half tactical camo design to give you a ruthless look. It is light weight as it is made from fleece and can be worn to the gym or during sporting activities. You can wear them with a pair of jeans for outing sake. 

Virblatt – Mens Baja Hoodie

This black hoodie comes with a unique baggy look and as well a comfortable fitting. Black always looks good and for sure looks cooler on this design. The neutral black design can go with any color and accessory that you may chose to wear this with. Virblatt’s fun design may also need high clothing maintenance and carefulness if you want this informal “comfy for the season” hoodie to last for you. 

COOFANDY Men’s Fashion Long Hooded Outwear Hoodie

There is always this hoodie you wear not for cold, but for the style of the day. this hooded outfit is made from very light material and can be used for any purpose. You can wear with other fu clothing. The cool design is proper for the casual occasions. But you don’t want to wear this on a cold morning because it is way too light to shield you from cold. 

CONQUECO Men’s Heated Waterproof Softshell Fleece Hoodie

Looking for some heavy duty? Maybe for skiing, or some snowboarding. This hoodie is the hoodie that offers both warmth and prevents water from getting in. It is a state of the art hoodie that uses batteries to warm you up. With this hoodie, there is no limitation to your outside adventures. Even without the batteries, the weight and paddings can offer long term protection from harsh weather.


Join 13.750 soulmates who wear all black, only black !

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