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The versatility of black in fashion has never been lost to consumers alike. Showcased in various pieces and styles by designers, and celebrated by celebrities and memorable style icons, the color black has maintained a cult following in the fashion world that can be traced back decades. There have been many black color quotes that have been repeated and memorized over time, celebrating the color.

And why not? Some of the many characteristics of black is that it’s slimming, classic, elegant, and so on. Black pairs so well with other colors, but nothing can beat the powerfulness of a black on black outfit. You should might as well be wearing a suit of armor when you step out with an all black ensemble.

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Sometimes the color black is looked down upon for being too ‘moody’ or ‘somber’. In that case, what’s a black loving gal/guy to do? Never fear, for you might be surprised how many people can testify that nothing beats black, except maybe in the future when a darker color is invented (sorry navy, not you).

Here are ten black color quotes that will speak to the souls of people who swear on nothing but black.

Also wearing black quotes, for the die-hard fashion addict. You might just find your next favorite comeback for the next time someone says your black on black outfit is a little ‘too dark’.

Black isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle

Does the black shirt match the black overalls with the black boots? Is that shade a black a little too light for this shade? Though a lot of people would think wearing all black must be easy to put together, it can actually take a lot of brainstorming. Wearing black is truly a lifestyle, and not an easy one to maintain at times.

black color quotes

Black color has been an inspiration to even the greatest style icons.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent was one of the most reputable designers of the twentieth century. He introduced trapeze dresses to the world of fashion, as well as the iconic tuxedo suit for women. A lot of Laurent’s pieces, such as the infamous pantsuit, famously came in black, a color the designer gravitated towards often. So we salute you, Mr. Laurent, for pushing the envelope and coming up with not only revolutionary styles, but making sure they came in black, too. Also, thank you for the beautiful black color quotes.

Black works for all seasons

Seasons change, the weather grows hotter, and temperatures drop. Thank god black is always there for us, keeping us cool or warming us up. A pastel in the fall? Odd. Black in the fall? Just right. Nothing beats a giant black cozy sweater in the winter. Once the weather warms? Black shorts or a black maxi dress to combat the sun and keep us nice and cool.

You can never have too much black

Ever. Ever heard anyone complain about owning too many black clothes? Me neither. Let’s not forget that black can never do wrong, as it pairs with any colors, goes great in every season, slims us down, and doesn’t stain as easy. So we’ll gladly keep stocking black in our closets until the end of time, thank you very much.

Does it come in black?

No? Ok, no thank you. This may or may not save our wallets, but can we just come to a mutual agreement that if the shirt or pair of pants we’ve been eyeing isn’t available in black then we’re definitely putting it back? And if there’s a cute shirt and it comes in black, then it’s definitely going into our shopping carts?

best black color quotes

Wearing black is a gateway to color in our lives

Just because we love to wear black doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Often times black is seen as ‘somber’ or ‘moody’. When in fact, wearing black clothes is a form of armor that can excite a person or bring their energy up greatly. Slipping on that black leather jacket over our black jeans should be equated to getting an instant burst of dopamine.

Black is more expressive than any other color

This quote by Ann Demeulemeester basically sums up why black is such an impacting color. It is poetic, it is infinite, and it can be more attention-grabbing than the brightest neon. Black is classic and simple, yet there is such a depth to it, how could we not want to wear it?

Black is the ultimate color

There’s something about black that seems to be universally appealing. A lot of us say – black is my happy color. It’s our go-to color. It’s a classic and elegant color. It’s everywhere. It’s appealing and calming to the eye. We’ll never stop wearing black, unless they invent a darker color. But until then, our hearts stay true to black.

There is no replacing black

Often, you’ll hear a black color quotes that go along the lines of something like “____________ is the new black”. It’s time to draw the line and acknowledge no color will ever replace black. Every color has their own character, and black is undefeated and non-interchangeable. The quote itself speaks of something being greater than black, which insinuates nothing has been able to replace black before. You may have a soft-spot for your grays or reds or whites, but black will always have your heart. It’s ok, black has our hearts too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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